Laverda S.p.a.

- Model M410 - Rice Combine Harvester



Cutting header able to even out the most intertwined rice crop and feed the threshing components in a perfect manner.

Specific Drum
For working on rice, a specific drum has been designed with teeth arranged over 12 bars. The drum has great inertial mass that ensures stability of the system for the delicate treatment of the rice.

Specific Concave
The rice concave, an exclusive Laverda design, is also toothed, with large discharge surfaces that are ideal for processing particularly damp and infested crops.

Every machine configured for rice, in addition to having hardox components, has had all of the parts where the product passes undergo a special treatment: from the augers to the crop elevator to the grain tank. This allows a consistent flow of the product and significantly prolongs the life span of the parts over time.

Laverda’s Rice combines are equipped with tracks, selflubricating rollers and large pressure blocks to achieve an optimal floating action and make the combine easy to manoeuvre on rice fields.

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