Antonio Carraro

Model MACH 4 Series - Tractor


Mach 4 (87hp) is an articulated reversible quadtrack for specialized farming.The four rubber tracks guarantee positive stability on steep slopes and continuous traction on slippery, crumbly ground and on snow. Mach 4 is created to handle the most extreme working conditions, whatever weather conditions may be and on any kind of ground. It offers a driving comfort comparable to a traditional tractor: the 4 independent tracks move forward in synergy, minimising ground height differences.

Mach 4 stability is guaranteed by its low center of mass, along with tracks floating evenly on the ground excluding damage to the soil. Thanks to its ACTIO™ chassis, Mach4 is extraordinarily easy to handle, on tight bends and with agile movement in tight spaces. It is reversible, equipped with Rev-Guide System RGS™, and JPM™ Joystick (proportional multifunction), a device which drastically simplifies work with all equipment. Mach4 has considerable great towing capacity and it is allowed to circulate on roads at a maximum speed up to 25mph (opt). Another basic plus, on request, Mach4 can be fitted with a StarLight cabin assuring maximum operating comfort.

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