- Model Macro Series - Macro Exel Counter


The Macro Counters are designed to count smolts, fish fry and juveniles from 0.05g.  Each counter is based on a scanning camera and computer vision. The fish are carried gently in water through the scanning area where the outlines are recorded. Counting software is used to analyse and count each image. Even at maximum capacity the counter is extremely accurate - over 99%.  The counters can be supplied as multi channel versions to count directly from a grading machine. The inlet and outlet can be custom-built for special requirements.

The new Macro EXEL Counter

The new Macro EXEL Counter fundamentally uses the same technology as the previous counters in the VAKI Macro Range that have been the industry favourite for many years.

The most significant changes are:

  • 25%  Higher Capacity
  • Wireless Internet
  • New Counting Program
  • Logging System
  • Faster Camera Connection

  • Fish size: 0.1g. – 800g.
  • Capacity:
    up to 1.200.000  1g. fish per hour.
    up to 240.000   50g. fish per hour.
  • Accuracy over 99%

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