Madero Dairy Systems Inc.

- Pasture Mat



Multi-celled mattress filled with uniformly sized rubber crumb. Field-tested longer than any other rubber filled, multi-celled mattress on the market today, all these characteristics gives and excellent comfort. Madero Pasture Mat, reduces the cost of beeding and amount  of labor needed to maintain clean stalls, while increasing cow comfort. Madero Pasture Mat is shock absorbent, thereby eliminating the risk of injury.
Non-Organic pasture mat system doesn't allows the bacteria production.

  • Increases cow's comfort.
  • Prevents cows from digging.
  • Stalls always look freshly manicured.
  • Is shock absorbent.
  • Designed to emulate the natural
    characteristics of pasture.
  • Strongest top covers on the market.

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