- Model MSW - Maturation Stimulator


Reformulated with Astaxanthin ('NatuRose'), Arachidonic Acid and enhanced attractants.

  • No more storage problems.
  • No more hassles in daily preparation.
  • No more nightmares sourcing bloodworms, clams, crab, squid or Artemia biomass.
  • No more oxidation of essential fatty acids while in long term freezer storage.
  • No more transmission of disease from fresh food sources

With MadMac-MS you can:

  • Make your maturation diets FRESH and ON-SITE in ONE-STEP.
  • Prepared diet can be formed into any shape or size and sets up ready to feed in minutes.
  • Remains stable and intact for over 8 hours, even during consumption.
  • Simply add water, mix and form into sized shapes as desired suitable for broodstock injestion.
  • Dry, premix in powder form - 3 Kg, vacuum foil bag or 10 Kg bucket.
  • Shelf life: Minimum 9 months when kept in cool, dry conditions.

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