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Maestosa Milkline rotary milking parlors are designed for farms that have a large number of dairy cows and aim at the best operational effectiveness. Maestosa Milkline is characterized by very high milking performance due to rigorous, constant and regular operation. High milk yields are obtained while respecting animal wellness. The cows can reach the milking stalls quickly and easily, thus reducing the competitive behaviour among the animals. The cows step on the platform individually and start their milking routine in the Milkline parlor comfortably and quietly. Milkline rotary milking parlor provides excellent working conditions and makes the milking process flow easily, because the operator can perform all the milking procedures with very few movements.

Milkline proposes two types of Maestosa:

  1. Internal: the milker's working area is in the middle of the structure and the cows are positioned in a herringbone layout
  2. External: the milker operates outside the platform and the cows are positioned facing radially.

Benefits for the farmer:

  • optimal handling and management of the animals
  • quick and efficient milking
  • comfort for the animals
  • safety for the operator
  • massimo rendimenti in mungitura,
  • maximum milking yields
  • only one operator required
  • time saving

Standard structure:

  • powerful and continuous milking system, designed for Heavy Duty use, reliable, robust, and made from top quality materials
  • platform control system which is able to adjust rotation speed with milking times
  • automatic Teat Cup Removers (TCRs)

In order to make milking even more comfortable and efficient, Milkline proposes:

  • “Retention bar” – individual closure device on the rear entry of the stall
  • Proactive milking parlor version (external) with cabinet
  • rubber coating of the platform
  • “Milpro P4C” - advanced milking monitoring system
  • “Milcon” - herd management system
  • “Clean-o-Tronic” - automatic cleaning system

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