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Model MAF - Roda Pomone


POMONE represents both precision and capacity. POMONE has been designed to handle fruit and vegetables of a wide variety of sizes and shapes efficiently. POMONE is a multi-product grader with gentle handling of the fruit. POMONE can be fitted with the latest optical GLOBALSCAN system where it shows its efficiency in fruit analysis.  The surface of the fruit is analysed for three dimensional image reconstitution using a high performance digital camera system (colour and infrared).


The system allows multi-product handling and corresponds to the changing demands of our customers :

  • A wide size and fruit range from a minimum diameter of 35mm. 
  • The design offers a substantial improvement in efficiency and reduction in labour costs due to the speed of the grader 
  • Time saving and simplified use are an integral part of the POMONE Universal technical evolution.
  • Designed to be equipped with all the latest technical features.

  • +\- 1gm weighing precision 
  • Speed of 15 hands/second/lane
  • Singulator roller profile accepting a minimum diameter of 35mm
  • Sorting according to various criteria: colour; diameter; density; shape; quality; sugar content; firmness... 
  • Orphea program interface is user friendly with excellent production management tools.
  • Flexible management of grader outlets: alternating outlets, distribution of product by weight, quantity or percentage, regulation of outlet throughput (overflow), automatic and dynamic spreading of the product over the outlets to achieve maximum production, automatic infeed control etc...

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