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The direct drive 56” MagFan is powerful enough to run continuously at static pressures exceeding 80 Pascal (0.32”) with output of 80.000 m³/h (47,086 cfm) at neutral pressure. To this the MagFan cut 75% on the electrical consumption. A 24 week test at JAPFA Indonesia proves this.

MagFan in short

•                          Up to 75 % cut in electrical consumption

•                          Runs on any voltage from 85 to 460V/50 or 60Hz

•                          Uses a dedicated Variable Speed Drive with SoftStart

•                          Stackable components. Ultra-compact shipping

MagFan offers energy savings upwards of 50 % against any other high-end wall fan on the market.

New Danish Standards

MagFan is the result of advanced CFD design combined with full scale prototype testing in one of Europe’s most advanced test facilities. The result is an ultra-high efficiency, highly flexible fan.  

The world’s most energy efficient wall fan

MagFan quite simply is the most efficient wall fan on the world market. In a direct comparison against leading suppliers on the market today, MagFan offers at least 50 % lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates. Often up to 75% is achieved!

Dedicated Variable Speed Drive

MagFan uses a Dedicated Variable Speed Drive with SoftStart. Your MagFan starts slowly and quietly and accelerates to the requested speed which can be defined either by a chosen fixed speed setting or run infinitely adjustable using the integrated variable speed setting. When running in the variable speed mode, the fan delivers exactly the required amount of air and the precise airflow control potentially offers savings in excess of 90 % over conventional high end fans. The VFD makes MagFan capable of running on 95 % of the world’s electric grid.

Simplicity by design

MagFan completely changes the perception of a fan. Its stackable components offer safe, ultra-compact shipping, and the fan’s simplistic design and rugged construction makes it the simplest to assemble and install, easiest to run fan ever.

MagFan takes your further

Though MagFan uses a high efficiency PM motor, it owes its outstanding efficiency primarily to the unique aerodynamics. This means that no matter the choice of motor MagFan will run longer and deliver more per unit of energy. Wherever energy is a limited resource MagFan is the answer. For instance, MagFan will deliver up to three times the air exchange capacity of any other fan when running on a low voltage PV power source.

ISO 5801

In March 2017, Bureau Veritas certified and issued an ISO 5801 Verification Certificate on our Wind Tunnel while testing the MagFan, stating that we are in full compliance in all aspects of testing, measuring accuracy, data acquisition and presentation.

  • Housing and cone:
    • PVC, gray (RAL 7040)
    • PP-HD, gray (RAL 7040)
    • UV inhibitors in master batch 

  • Impeller
    • Celstran Technofiber LGF
    • Akroloy PA-GF50
  • Brackets, guards: Stainless steel / AISI 304 / A2
  • Dimensions assembled
    • Weight: 90kg / 200lbs
    • L x W x D (mm): See drawing
    • Impeller diameter: 1430mm / 56.5” 

  • Drive
    • Water proof speed drive IP66
    • Output max 2.2 kW at 40°C still air
    • Max load in the MagFan application: approximately 75% of full load at 80 Pa and 670 RPM (30°)
    • Max speed set by plug-in, 670-645-630 RPM cos (phi) / power factor at full load: 0.99
    • In-built drive and motor protection
  • Motor
    • Permanent Magnet Synchronous 3-phase
    • Output (continuous duty): 1.2kW @ 660RPM
    • Insulation class F, 170°C magnets
    • In-built double Klixon thermal protection
    • Bearings greased for life with antioxidant low temperature grease, special bearing seal
    • Calculated bearing service life: 100,000+ hours
  • Power supply
    • Universal, 100-265VAC, 50/60Hz
    • Max single phase input amperage: approximately 7.5 A at 80 Pa and 670 RPM (30°), the equivalent of 75% of full load
  • Typical RPM range 170-670 RPM. Special low speed inverter programming available upon request
  • Impeller configuration: 3 blade, adjustable pitch 30° 32° 34° 37°
  • All testing according to ISO5801: Test results obtained using safety netting front and back, and butterfly damper


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