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Top Swing Milkline is an ideal solution for average and large dairy farms sizes, and it that is efficient and reliable with the presence of only one operator. Top Swing is a central aisle milking parlor where the milking units are alternatively used on both sides. The Top Swing parlor is characterized by “swinging arms”, which are integrated to the automatic TCR system and a Heavy Duty stall, fully suspended, which gives the milking parlor a modern and efficient look. With Top Swing Milkline you get rid of what is unnecessary and gain more “open space” so that the operator has maximum freedom of movements and the animals have maximum comfort. Top Swing allows animal positioning in a 60° herringbone layout, ensuring the operator the right view and optimal animal positioning.

In a Top Swing parlor, the milk line is characterized by milk pipes with a larger diameter milk pipes (Fisiomilk system) which facilitate the transition of greater milk volumes without vacuum fluctuations.

Benefits for the farmer:

  • better working environment (because TCR and cluster take up smaller space)
  • maximum animal comfort
  • time saving
  • only one operator required
  • high quality milk due to Fisiomilk system
  • high yield/hour per cow.

Standard structure:

  • resistant and long-lasting products, designed with top quality materials – Heavy Duty
  • quick installation and easy maintenance
  • automatic vacuum starter (by simply shifting the arm into the milking position)
  • 60° herringbone stalls with adjustable front gate
  • automatic Teat Cup Removers (TCRs)

In order to make milking even more comfortable and efficient, Milkline proposes:

  • Indexing: adjustable front gate
  • “Milpro P4C” - advanced milking monitoring system
  • “Milcon” - herd management system
  • “Clean-o-Tronic” - automatic cleaning system

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