- Grass Silage Spreader



There are 6 different width of the roller from 2,17m to 3,02m available (two standard width, the other widths with extensions). The diameter of the roller is 114 cm, there are 42 / 48 spreading paddles welded on. For the protection of the gearbox there are two differnet overload protections available.

At a glance
  • Roller diameter 114 cm.
  • Special Arrangement of the 42 spreading paddles.
  • Power input 125 HP.
  • For medium-sized forward-looking farms.

Lateral limit of throwening Magna
Lateral limit of throwening

Reverse reduction gearbox
Reverse reduction gearbox for optionally front or rear use. Always retrofitable.

Illumination unit
Illumination unit. Observe the Road Traffic Regulations!

Double-side wide angle cardan shaft
As an accessory a double sided wide angle cardan shaft is recommended.

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