- Model Pull-Type 00TRDPT - Three Independent Hoppers


With BBI's patented multi-bin technology, the MagnaSpread3 Pull-Type features three hoppers guided by independent variable-rate technology. MagnaSpread3 offers the most sophisticated multi-nutrient application on the market.

  MagnaSpread3 Pull-Type

** State of the Art - ELECTROSTATIC PAINT: Carbon unit is totally primed with a rust-inhibiting alkyd primer and then top-coated with high gloss enamel. Stainless unit includes all mild carbon steel parts primed and painted. Color options include red, blue, yellow, black or green. Some custom colors are available.
** SPINNERS: MagnaSpread system standard. Overhead spinner motors are also standard.
** ELECTRONIC CONTROL: Electronics for Variable Rate Control and Guidance are included in the List Price. Please contact BBI for .
** BBI BINARY TM HYDRAULIC MANIFOLD SYSTEM for Triad: Combines the hydraulic controls for the conveyor and spinners into one control manifold. It includes proportional manual speed control for both spinners and conveyor. Pilot operated relief is standard. A dump valve and a GR is standard for the conveyor. The modularity of the BBI Binary Manifold allows for quick easy conversion to GR option and to electronic control.

**14 Ton Walking Beam Heavy Duty Suspension(21.5L 14 Ply Tires and 10-Bolt Hub) Includes CV Joint PTO Shaft Series 6, Heavy Duty Jack and Large Perfect Hitch. (Pintle and Clevis)
**MagnaSpread3 was previously named Triad

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