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Magnetic Active Compensation System for Electron Microscopy



The Magnetic Active Cancellation System (MACS) provides cost- effective, maintenance-free environmental magnetic field shielding solutions for high resolution EM (Electron Microscope) instrumentation. They are the highest-performance commercial magnetic field compensation equipment available for protecting sensitive EM instruments from AC/DC environmental magnetic fields.

  • Uniform protection from environmental AC/DC magnetic interference over a wide frequency range
  • patented wideband negative-feedback design provides electronic magnetic compensation
  • Offers protection against fluctuations in magnetic fields caused by:
    • Subways
    • Electrical Distribution Equipment
    • Elevators
    • Moving Vehicles
  • Can be applied to existing or new installations



The MACS System broadens the available installation locations for EMs by allowing them to be placed in locations where varying high magnetic fields are present. As a result, they can be installed at sites that have been previously rejected due to magnetic field interference.

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