- Model 150 - Trailing Full Til Bedding Plow



The Magnum 150 provides Full Tillage under the planting zone by using a inner disk set to cut directly under the planting zone of the seedling. Savannah’s unique Full Till’ Jump Arm geometry uses a 36” inch disk as an effective means to cut through root mat and compacted soils. The Heavy Duty High Lift Magnum Jump Arm provides tillage 10-14” deep and is also available with an optional independent hydraulic accumulator for maximum penetration in extreme conditions. The Magnum 150 High Lift Jump Arm system is patented and provides 36” of clearance under the disk when fully deflected, this prevents the disk from hanging on high stumps and improves disk, spindle and displacement cylinder life.

  • (5) Magnum Heavy Duty High Lift Jump Arms
  • Center arm cuts root mat directly under planting zone.
  • 4-36” disks  1-32” disk center
  • 2.5 Gallon Hydraulic Accumulator
  • 40” (1m) Hour Glass Packer Roller
  • Width of Cut:  7ft 6in (2.3m)
  • Weight: 10,700 lbs  (4860 kg)
  • Power: >150hp dozer, >180 4WD

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