- Industrial Duty Tarp System



Original, industrial duty tarp system with master slave cylinders and upper arm deflectors for maximum arm life.

  • Custom fabricated pivot assembly encloses the lilfting cylinders, protecting them from falling debris.
  • 1/4' thick, grade A5 steel arms with upper arm container deflector's for long lasting durability
  • Our patented elbow upper arms enable the operator to place the roller on the rear of the container (10 to 50 cubic yard containers for lengths from 16’ to 24’). This reduces arm damage, maximizes tarp life while preventing debris from blowing out the container.

  • Greaseless pivot points utilize a self lubricating fiber bushing. No longer do you have to deal with weekly or monthly greasing for proper pivot lubrication and maintenance.
  • NO VALVING (diverter or divider cobiners) required for proper arm sequencing or adjustable controls needed to control freefall.
  • O’Brian gives you control options (lever or joystick & inside controls).
  • Approximate installed weight is 1250 lbs.

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