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MagOil Is high in unsaturated fatty acids and a good source of Omega 6. It has very similar properties to linseed oil. With extremely high palatability it has commercial applications in the pet food market as well as industrial swine production.

Method of Preparation:

After washing and drying the larvae go through and extrusion process the Magmeal™ is defatted to below 10% fat content.   The extruded fat is then purified and available as a feed ingredient.

Product analysis:

  • Total Fatty Acids (min): 900 g/kg
  • Free Fatty Acids (max): 5 g/kg
  • Moisture (max): 0 g/kg
  • Unsaponifiable Matter (max) 20 g/kg
  • Insoluble impurities (max) 500 g/kg


Extruded natural larvae fat with high palatability for animals.


Light golden brown color with a medium viscosity at room temperature. May become cloudy in very cold weather


MagOil can be blended into a variety of animal feeds as any other animal or vegetable fat or oil. It is specifically useful for the feeding of monogastric animals like chickens, pigs and fish.

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