Mahindra USA, Inc.

- Model 1710A - Backhoes


Dedicated hydraulic valve with dual plus axis levers. Cushioned, orificed and port reliefs are designed into the swing cylinder circuit allowing for smooth operation of backhoe. Standard duty buckets with heavy duty cutting edges. Buckets are available in three sizes: 10”, 12” and 16”. Quick on and off: pull two quick pins and back away (See detailed instructions in this manual). Formed console gives unit a modern appearance and allows improved comfort to operator. Heavy duty swing frame.

Backhoe valve is positioned low to operator. This allows less heat and noise to be transferred into operator’s area

Under frame Mounting System mounts to the center and rear end of tractor. Some 3-point linkages must be removed with backhoe installed. When backhoe is parked 3-point components can be reinstalled

Double acting cylinders - Bucket = 2.00” Bore x 1.12” Rod; Lift = 2.50” Bore x 1.25” Rod; Dipper = 2.25” Bore x 1.12” Rod; Stabilizer = 2.25” Bore x 1.12” Rod; Swing = 2.50” Bore x 1.12” Rod

SAE O-ring, Flat face O-ring, and JIC hydraulic connections are used on this unit to reduce potential hydraulic leaks

High strength steel with box tubing dipper assembly

High back comfortable seat

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