Mahindra USA, Inc.

- Model 28XL 4WD - Mid-Compact Tractor


The all New Mid-Compact from Mahindra USA. The Max 28 can do everything a compact tractor can do and more and is the only tractor of its size, power, dimensions and capability in the market.

  • Max Versatility - choose up to 15 implements to handle any task
  • Max Stability - Tractor tires, better traction, stability and safety for all jobs
  • 5 year power train warranty
  • Max 30-Day Guarantee - limited promotion only!
  • Max Maneuverability - Best in class turning radius to get work done in tigh spaces
  • Max Lift Capacity - Lift more, carry more, pull more and get more done
  • #1 Selliing tractor in the world
  • Max Comfort - Easy turn seat for Tractor - Loader - Backhoe operation, easy on and off with open platform
  • Max Engine Performance - 28% lower RPM results in smooth, quiet operation and less fuel consumption

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