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Bucket Elevators



Honeyville Bucket Elevators are available in seven different models with capacities ranging from  1,350 BPH up to 18,000 BPH and feature heavy-duty components that are jig welded for easy assembly. All pieces are galvanized for a durable finish and a long, maintenance free life. Each elevator comes with a 'No Tool Door Access'

  • HEAD:  Heavy-duty galvanized steel construction designed for clean discharge.
  • HEAD COVER:  Sectioned and hinged for easy service of internal components.
  • HEAD PULLEY:  Crowned and fitted with tapper-lock bushings, non-slip rough top  lagging for maximum traction.
  • BELT:  High strength PVC belt for minimal stretch, impregnated solid carcass, pre-punched for easy bucket mounting.  SOR Rubber belt is available as an option.
  • BUCKETS:  High Quality Polyethylene CC Deep Terminal design.  Steel buckets are available upon request.
  • BOOT:  Heavy gauge galvanized steel. Easy to adjust take-ups for boot pulley. High or low,  standard or expanded width hopper. Hand slide clean-out gates positioned on each side.
  • TRUNKING:  Twin box construction. Heavy gauge ASTM A-526 G90 galvanized steel Double seam, jig welded for perfect alignment. Inspection sections feature easy access to belt and buckets through inspection doors. Honeyville utilizes ten 90° bends for greater vertical strength and structural integrity.
  • LADDER AND SAFETY CAGE:  Available for all models of Honeyville Bucket Elevators.

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