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- Model MAJA AUTOMATIC-TS - Harvester



MAJA AUTOMATIC- LK is the newest model of  MAJA harvester. It is equipped with automatic folding and unfolding arched screen. This solution allows to reduce number of operating personell and the same reduce costs of production.  Shaking and cleaning machine MAJA AUTOMATIC guarantees almost 100% harvesting efficiency and very hight quality of fruits. It is possible to adapt the machine to Your orchard throught  plurality of available screen widths. The harvester’s operation is based on shaking process, during which fruits falls on a screen stretched out below. After  shaking screen is folding and fruits are falling on conveyor.

  • Output : 0,08-0,15 ha/h
  • Single tree picking time : 0,5-1 min
  • Tree trunk diameter : 8-30 cm
  • Screen width - option : 3,25 - 7,05 m
  • Platform capacity : 500 kg
  • Min. PTO power demand : 70 HP

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