- Model SP720 Series - Straight and Revolving Cross Cut Saw



Randek SPL 728 PC is a high quality crosscut saw. All over the world satisfied customers are using the SPL728 crosscut saw from Japan to USA and from Norway to Australia. The crosscut saw makes exact and precise cutting results and is designed to be flexible: inclination, revolving, center line and lengths.

Randek’s SP720 series provides reliable cut saws that are a major asset to roof truss manufacturers around the world.

The SP728 Saw is handy, easy-to-use and cost effective. It has been on the market for a long time and is one of our biggest sellers. The blade on this semi-automatic saw both revolves and inclines, which means it can make any cuts you may require. You can also use the large diameter blade to cut several sections of stacked timber simultaneously.

The built-in CAD/CAM transfer reads and converts information from the majority of programs currently available and also translates to and from a number of languages. The saw is equipped with a touch screen that displays automatic calculations and changes. You can also follow the sawing process from here.

The SP 728 is extremely versatile as it can be connected to machines such as stackers, pickers, splicing presses and milling cutters. Randek has an extensive range of peripheral equipment, which means our saws can be specially configured to meet your particular needs.


Adjust measurements and angles using a HMI touch screen, information of how the finish detail will look like can be seen clearly on the screen, or load complete cutting project with information from CAD-file into the system with the correct measures and angles. The crosscut saw will set up automatically according to the project: inclination, revolving, center line and lengths.

Place boards on the in-feed roller and press two buttons simultaneously for safe and exact cutting.

The SP722 cut saw has slightly fewer cutting positions, but on the other hand, it is smaller and better suited to cross-cutting. Otherwise, it has the same properties as the SP728.

  • Precise cutting
  • High capacity, cut several sections of stacked timber simultaneously with large size saw blade
  • Safe cutting, two button function
  • Flexible cutting, ability to revolve and incline
  • Low noise level
  • Computer guided crosscut saw, resulting in fast adjustments
  • CAD/CAM-connection with function for downloading entire cutting projects

  • GE Fanuc controlling system
  • Revolving 360º, accuracy +/- 0,1º
  • Inclination 90-28º, accuracy +/- 0,5°
  • Center line adjustment 250 mm, accuracy +/- 0,5 mm
  • Saw blade Ø 700 mm, 116 teeth
  • Cut height 260 mm
  • Graphical touch screen (HMI)
  • Air consumption ˜500 NL / min
  • Air speed output 30 m / sec
  • Saw motor 7,5 kW
  • Connection via LAN (Ethernet, TCP/IP protocol) for downloading or saving of projects, (text file in ASCII format)
  • Feeding device Ø150 mm with motor, pneumatically raised
  • Retracting device, during the cutting sequence the device comes up and then move the timber towards the back fence
  • Plunger, adjustable pneumatic plunger to lock the timber during the sawing sequence
  • Out-feed roller table, length 5,8 m, 2 computer guided stops, accuracy ±1 mm
  • In-feed roller table, length 4 m, back fence 120 mm
  • 1 operator is sufficient

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