- Board Application Station



The storage conveyor holds up to twelve full bundles of board material. The conveyor has designated positions for each 'category' of boards. This allows the machine to differentiate between types or sizes of sheeting materials. Depending on what type of board to be used, the bridge 'picks' individual boards from the storage area (controlled by the CAD) and places it on the roller conveyor for transport to the board application station.


Bundles of board material are placed on the storage conveyor by a forklift. When a given bundle of material is depleted, a signal will notify the forklift driver.

The framed wall is automatically advanced to the workstation and squared. The bridge places the board material on the wall via instructions from the CAD. Once correctly positioned, the board is automatically tacked via six nail gun assemblies. The machine is capable of handling up to 12” overhangs on the top of the panel. Excess sheeting material is trimmed at the saw station. The operator receives and gives instructions via the touch screen. When the frame is finished at the station it is automatically transferred to the next station.


1. Top and bottom plate
2. Sub component Insulation handling
3. Sub-component buffer Stud feeder
4. Framing station
5,6,7,9. Working station
5. Board application station
5,7,9. Working bridge
8. Turning station
10. Stacking station

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