- Model M - Powerlog Machining Centre



Powerlog Machining Centre is developed for modern and flexible log home production. It is capable to process squared and round logs. This machining centre is very efficient and productive log processing line for small and middle size log house manufacturers.

The construction of the machine is compact and ergonomic; therefore it is easy to use – even with one operator! Powerlog’s high production capacity and modest operating costs provides a very good productivity.

Modern Powerlog control system is designed for every log home producer. The basic program is very handy and easy to use, and you do not need any special log home designing program. Even more automated control system is also available; it is especially designed for log optimization and packaging. This advanced control together with CAD based log home designing enables to process even better quality logs and reduces waste.

Advanced log positioning system and the accuracy of all machinings provides absolutely high quality of the end product. The standard machinings are drilling, corner joint nothing, end notching and cut to length sawing. Optional machinings are also available; male/female dovetail –machining and the marking device for external machining. External machinings are e.g. angular sawing and log slitting.

Sturdy construction, best quality components and low need of maintenance secures high performance for long to the future. Powerlog Machining Centre combined with suitable equipment for log feeding, discharging and packaging performs a high capacity production line.

Space requirement: appr. 26 m x 6 m (example layout)
Production capacity: up to 400 – 500 linear meters / work shift
Operators: 1 – 3 operators

Basic Features:

  • Saddle joint notching for square and roun logs
  • End notching for square and round logs
  • Drilling for square and round logs
  • Cross cutting for square and round logs

Optional Features:

  • Dovetail milling (male + female)
  • Dovetail notching (male + female)
  • Marking for external machining
  • Dovetail notching +/-0...45° (male + female)


Rectangular log profiles:

  • massive and laminated logs
  • height 140 – 270 mm
  • width 70 – 250 mm
  • length 0,4 – 12 m
  • blank lenght 0,8 – 12,1 m


Round log profiles:

  • massive and laminated logs
  • diameter Ø 150 – 230 mm
  • length 0,4 – 12 m
  • blank lenght  0,8 – 12,1 m

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