Model Mamut Series - Trailed Sprayer



The MAMUT XL with its 7000-8000l tank is the biggest single axle sprayer. The connection to the hook and the weight shift more towards the rear tractor axle allows the maximum load of the sprayer axle to remain under 10t. The rear axle loading makes the tractor slip less when driving uphill. The large volume of the tank reduces the number of refills and idle time during periods optimum for spraying.

  • lower hinge with K80
  • fixed shaft
  • air suspended BPW 10t axle with fixed wheel track and sliding sheet; the wheel track can be changed by exchanging the wheels only
  • air and parking brake
  • AR 250 pump for the booms up to 30m
  • 2 AR 185 pumps for the booms over 30m driven by homokinetic drive
  • fiberglass tank with breakwaters, internal washing, pressure and overflow agitation
  • manually tilting PE 60l admixing tank with quadruple function controller, internal washing, water mark, rinsing nozzle for canisters, and agitating nozzle
  • 500l blue tank for clean water with a storage box and water mark
  • 300l blue tank with Topline cover
  • 15l canister for washing
  • central 5-way pressure valve, central 5-way suction valve, external 2“ filling and suction, 1 suction + 2 pressure filters
  • computer Spraydos
  • air control fitting
  • 6 working width sections (up to 30m)
  • 8 working width sections (over 30m)
  • booms with active tilting and potentiometer
  • full set of shock absorbers on the booms and swing
  • stainless steel pipes in the booms Ø 20mm with tripple nozzle holders in 50cm intervals
  • lights for road travel
  • hydraulics controlled with two hydraulic circuits from the tractor
  • homokinetic joint drive
  • wheels 520/85 R46 173 A8

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