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The MANKAR HQ models are the follow-up models of the Mini-Mantra, Mini-Mantra Plus or Micro-Mantra and doesn’t only have a new design but also provide additional advantages:

  • Monitoring of the atomiser motor and the battery with an LED light: The LED glows green if the MANKAR HQ is operating correctly. If the battery has to be recharged it glows yellow. A red glowing LED means that the function of the atomiser has to be checked and – if necessary – recovered (e.g. cleaning the sprayer if the atomiser is glued by herbicide).
  • Integration of all cables and hoses into the housing: All components are protected against damage.
  • Reduced weight: only 2.4 kg empty weight make work even easier
  • Fore arm support with 1ltr.-bottle optional: This accessory can be assembled instead of the original reservoir easiliy.

The MANKAR-HQ models are distinguished just like the Mini-Mantra models by their differing spray hoods and spray widths.
They are the all-rounder for any area of application!

  • Gardening and landscaping, graveyards and communal areas
  • Nurseries and Christmas tree nurseries
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Ornamental plant gardens
  • Orchards and vineyards

… and as a starter model for anyone wanting to familiarise themselves with ULV technology before moving on to larger MANKAR Roll and MANKAR Drive spraying systems as handpush devices or tractor attachments/hitches!

The units are very lightweight and well balanced. A carrying strap provides additional relief to the arms and back.

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