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Manual Cheese Press



The secret of our equipment, including our cheese presses, lies, among other things, in the incorporation of an ingenious automatic operating system that uses PLC technology. A lot of the hard physical labor needed for making cheese, like pressing the cheese, can just be done with the touch of a button. The cheese presses of Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland delivers constant quality, each cheese is pressed, by different time and pressure, individually to the same standard.

We put the cheese maker in the driver's seat

The PLC of the cheese-vat contains numerous recipes, so that with a touch on the button the computer selects the desired recipe. In other words: we put the cheese maker in the driver's seat. Each of our fully enclosed, stainless steel cheese makers meets strict hygiene standards, provides high process security and is equipped with a protected whey discharger system, or can be equipped with our Rapid Whey Discharge System , RWDS©


-High standard of Hygiene
-Excellent reproducibility
-Even curd size distribution
-Fully automatic process
-Excellent herb distribution
-Very reliable

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