Manual Leek Harvester



The harvester is evolving spectacularly. Quality improvement and service remain the trump card of Verhoest. In this way we aim for a bearable and pleasant country live.

  • The picker works with excellent shaking quality : sound and without bruising.
  • EC norms guarantee the market gardener's safety.
  • Picking output of 1600 kg/h in heavy soil, up to 2400 kg/h or more in light soil.
  • With awning, automatic steering mechanism, combined leek harvester

  • Ascending and descending share:  hydraulically operatable from the tractor
  • Thicker belts on picking element
  • hydraulic tilting of forklift to unload containers more easily
  • Stronger share (especially for Spanish boulder ground)
  • The extra traction ensures a better grip on moist and heavy earth.
  • The automatic steering mechanism leads the tractor:  left/right. It also determines the picking depth.
  • Automatic tray filler
  • Automatic plate filler with system to unroll

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