Manure & Compost Spreader for Vineyards


Narrow design for getting through between closely planted rows of vines.

  • Dolly wheel
  • Adjustable height coupler head
  • Lighting
  • Fixed ring
  • Protection grille
  • Universal joint

  • Directional axle making it easier to get out from between the rows, helps avoid slipping in vineyards on hillsides
  • Hitch on a lift arm so as to be able to turn in the shortest turning areas
  • Shutters for adjusting the width of the spreading
  • Distributing cover to channel the product over the width of the row
  • Variable-track axle to ensure better stability
  • A choice of wheels to avoid compacting the soil
  • Turning ringContinuous hydraulic feed, making it possible to spread small quantities per hectare.

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