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Manure Drying Chimney



The ITB Manure Drying Chimney is an air distributor chimney which provides an optimal drying result of the manure. The system works on the following way: Warm stable air is sucked under the roof by the fan and then blown out horizontally under the slat floor. ITB has developed a special air distributor unit which blows out the air uniform and over 360° over the manure. The air resistance of this distributor unit is low, because of the air distribution cone which distributes the air uniform over 360°.

This system can be used for:

  • (grand-) parent broilers with floor housing
  • (grand-) parent layers with floor housing


  • Air Capacity: +/3000 m3/h
  • Special air distribution unit with distribution cone and low air resistance
  • Inflowring to minimize air intake resistance
  • Tube diameter: Ø 370mm (for 35-er fan)
  • Complete chimney made of indestructible plastic ( 100% HDPE)
  • Excellent resistant against UV-radiation, acids and agressive gases
  • Shapeand impact resistant from -30°C to +60°C

Usage areas
Agricultural sector

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