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Self-tightening wire-type cowshed and piggery cleaners for installation under slatted floors. Maintainable, reliable and easy to operate. The Domino wire-type cowshed and piggery cleaners are self-tigtening. This is because two drawing stations are always used as well as a combination of rope and wire. The rope is the flexible part and the wire is the stable part.

The cleaner works equally well in cowsheds and piggeries with or without straw bedding. The manure is quickly removed, and there will be no problems with flies and ammonia in the cowshed or in the piggery. 
The cleaner typically consists of wall-mounted drawing stations, drag shovels for up to four passages per cleaner, corner wheels, crossing iron bars at transverse passages, and a control box.  The galvanized drag shovels are adapted to the passage dimensions and can be supplied in widths of up to 300 cm. 
The cleaners are usually delivered and installed by our own installation engineers who do not leave the site before the cleaner has been run in correctly.
The Domino wire-type cowshed and piggery cleaners are adapted to the individual project to ensure that the optimal solution is found.

The casting is very simple as drawing stations and corner wheels are secured by bolts. Only guide bars (if any) above cross channel must be founded.

  • Motor 1,1 KW or 1,5 KW
  • Shovel speed 10 m per minut
  • Nylon rope 18 mm
  • Rustless taifun wire 10 mm

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