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Manure Spreader Machines



CRAFTER Manure Spreader is designed with extraordinary linkage system that will remove the damage which may be caused by tough field conditions. This system being connected to 3 point linkage system enables the Crafter to go on working without being effected by adverse conditions such as roughness and mound that prevent the spreading operation.

Functional Tractor Separator
During the use of CRAFTER Manure Spreader, for tractor separating and by taking into consideration the field conditions after use, we have chosen a powerful separator for functional and easy use. Thanks to this separator you can separate the Crafter from tractor and reconnect effortlessly.

Strong Chasis Form
CRAFTER Manure Spreader Series are equipped with a strong chassis structure by giving importance to the safety of user at the worst road and field conditions

Hyrdaulic Control Interface
CRAFTER Manure Spreaders are equipped with hydraulic control interface in order to make easier the usage of the machine. At the frontside of CRAFTER there are 3 deployed hydraulic control levers. With the help of these levers, the user will be able to control the hydraulic leg and perform the manure spreading after lifting the hydraulic door.

Exensive Disc Mould
The distributor discs designed with regard of all the materials that are used, provide to distribute the manure homogeneously over the field by easing the spreading operation. The distributor discs under the distributor auger system throw the manure with the widest aspect by rotating at the high speed.

Tool Box
In case you meet a possible damage during the manure spreading operation, our tool box is at your disposal in order to render a practical solution.

Pratical Consttruction
In case there are worn and damaged parts of machine, you can change all the parts of the machine quite easily thanks to demountable form that CRAFTER has. This feature of the machine also provides you make saving during the transportation.

Hydraulic Brake System
In order to provide a user with a confidential use during the CRAFTER Work, hydraulic brake system is constituted over the axle system. When you put on the hydraulic brake hose on the CRAFTER to your tractor, brake system will be adapted to the tractor and in any need of brake, the user will be able to slow down the CRAFTER and the tractor thanks to this hydraulic brake system.

Chain Tensioner Mechanism
It is very important the long term use and to check the tension of chains of the machine. Chain tensioner mechanism of CRAFTER Manure Spreader enables you to perform this work quite easily and effortlessly.

Strong Shaft Form
The PTO that we connect the shaft, used between tractor and spreader is linked to rear gearbox with a strong shaft form. This vshaft is designed in a manner that does its duty excellently giving you confidence.

Ergonomic Tyres
Required time period for spreading the manure in order to obtain the best efficiency is winter and spring periods when the field and air conditions are tough. With this scope, by the use of large surface and durable tyres, we augmented the maneuver and movability.
Durable Conveyor Chains

CRAFTER Manure Spreaders have a chain driven floor constriction. While the manure is transmitted to the thrower augers, the chains are exposed to a high tension as of the carried loads. Chain form of CRAFTER is manufactured by extra strengthened material.

Directive Blading System Specific For The Three Distances
Adjustable blading system has been with CRAFTER X3 Serial Spreaders. Routing function occurs by means of these blades/wings in a manner that will avoid overflow of the manure at small scale fields, vineyards and orchards distances.

Front Board Convenient to Watch
Due to its expanded metallic nature, included in CRAFTER Manure Spreaders front board enables you to see the case of material inside the trailer during the spreading operation. Also, this front board enables to interfere the machine if any possible adverse case is foreseen.

By-pass Method that avoids the tough stuff to corrode the spreader units, eliminates the demolition and wearing cases of spreading units thanks to free movability of CRAFTER Manure Spreader beaters.

Forcefull Gearbox Design
CRAFTER Manure Spreaders are equipped with trussed axle, which enables a safe drive at the road conditions, besides offers a pliable and excellent use at the tough field conditions.

Guillotine Pear Cover
The amount of the manure is regulated The cover drived hydraulic cylinders have vertical movement mechanism and this rear cover can move up and down easily without being interfered by the manure inside the trailer.

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