Di Credico

Manure Spreader Trailer



Quality and precision to satisfy even the most demanding customers in the field. Our wide range of products is made entirely of high strength steel with elastic QSTE (Domex), allowing high load capacity with low curb weight.

  • Frame in structural tube, chain with breaking load from 15,000 kg made in special steel.
  • PTOs with freewheel.
  • Drive shaft with double jointed cruise with cast iron supports.
  • Crown tensioner bearings.
  • All the components of the highest quality fully made in Italy.

  • Conveyor belt hydraulic
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Group rollers inclined
  • Case dumper type
  • Tailgate separator
  • Tailgate of protection
  • Double bottom
  • Teeth interchangeable rollers
  • Hydraulic foot

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