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Manure Spreaders


Triffitt heavy duty rear discharge spreaders are designed to spread all types of manure in an even spread pattern, the shredder augers are PTO driven via a robust transmission system, with variable speed hydraulic drive to the discharge bed. Capacities of up to 14 metric tonnes are available with the options of horizontal shredders and slurry door being available. Triffitt heavy duty rear discharge spreaders are constructed on 160 x 80 RHS chassis with material thickness of 6mm, the chassis are fully welded with no openings which will allow water ingress. Bodies are fully welded utilising RHS sub chassis and main members, with 5mm floors and 4mm sides to give long service life. Floor chains are 14mm or 18mm depending on capacity of spreader.


  • Full LED road lights to RTA
  • Independent hydraulic brakes
  • Ratchet handbrake
  • 40mm EN16 towing eye
  • Skid & Skid Carrier
  • Hydraulic hose Carrier
  • Two pack paint system
  • Fully welded body
  • Shear Bolt Fitted To PTO shaft
  • Twin heavy duty floor chains & Laths
  • Adjustable speed hydraulic driven floor
  • Twin vertical shredder augers fitted with reversible tynes
  • Independent adjustment of floor chain tension
  • Covers for rear lights
  • Sprung drawbar
  • Flashing LED Beacon
  • Number plate lights
  • Commercial axle
  • Slurry Door
  • Horizontal Shredder Augers
  • Illustrated - 10mt Capacity 
  • 18.4 x 34 Wheels

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