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Manure Spreading with Drag Injector



With direct injecting system you can spread slurry in the fields without air contact (smell). Recommended in hard soil. This is a good solution for high capacity to spread (up 5000 lt/ min). This equipment is available with a width from 2,5 to 7m  wide and  with 7 or 13 direct injectors.  A distributor driven by a hydraulic motor controls the product outlet flow.  The tractors, necesary  to haul this equipment,  should have  powers  from 140 to 220 HP (according to injectors and hard type). It is equipped with a special rotary arm for the flat hose coupling that prevents any hose bending during tractor moving.

This is a special spreader with 5 direct injectors 2.5 m wide. The injector feeding is controlled by the hydraulic distributor. The shanks and blade disks are controled by hydraulic system. Tractor required from 140 to 180 HP (for 5 injectors type and hard soil). It is equipped with a special flat hose turning holder that prevents hose to bend during tractor moves.

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