Manure Slurry Storage Bag


The Alligator slurry bag is in fact an Alligator Bagtank especially equipped to store pig and cow slurries (even if they are acidified). It is also possible to store digestate based upon these slurries. The bags can be produced upto capacities of 7.000 m3. The bottom of the bag is coneshaped to make it easy to empty. The standard delivery includes the Bagtank with sealable inspection opening, ventilation, a pipeset with valves and all its installation material (anchors and dikeslope protection material) to be able to assemble the Bagtank complete at your location. The coated fabric used to produce the slurrybag is UV-stabilized to ensure a long life-expectancy. Upon request agitating equipment can be delivered as an extra.

Alligator Winbag

Using the patented Alligator Winbag makes it possible for you to realize temporary (cow and pig based) slurrystorage quickly at different suitable locations. The standard Winbag has a capacity of 200 m3.  Other capacities upon request. With the Alligator Winsystem, a special frame with reel, you can roll up the Winbag completely and squeeze out all remaining slurry. The Winsystem can also be used for transport of the Winbag. Different models are available.

Alligator tensioned tank roof
The Alligator tensioned tank roof covers slurrytanks. It fits onto wooden, steel or concrete tanks with diameters from 10 up to 32 m. The cover is made of a coated polyesterfabric (UV stabilized) and is HF welded into a tensioned roofstructure. Its geometry is designed based upon a two-sided curvature. This guarantees a well shaped tankroof that easily can bear mechanical stress. The roof is supported by a central wooden column with a crown-construction. The Alligator tensioned tank roof keeps rainwater out of your tank and reduces the emissions from the slurry.

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