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- Biostimulant



The complete biostimulant, due to its special formulation, synergically combines the action of the amino acids, the natural phytohormones which are provided by algae extract, the energy of the reducing sugars and the power of the phytohormones cytokinins as a promoter of cell division, thereby obtaining better flowering, better formation, weight, colour and sugar content of the fruits, as well as greater resistance to stress conditions. It can be applied either by foliar and solar spray by means of systems of fertirrigation. It is compatible with the most common phytosanitary treatments.

Free Aminoacids 6,0 7,1
Total Nitrogen (N) 1,2 1,4
Organic Nitrogen (N) 1,2 1,4
Seaweed extract 15,0 17,5
Reductang sugars 10,0 11,7
Organic matter 18,0 21,0
Phytohormones cytokinins 0,4 0,47

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