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- Screw Alevator


The Screw Elevator is an electricallydriven machine, used to elevate fish crops from the water level - to assist in fish loading. A hydraulic, controlled system enables Elevator leveling on its site positioning activity.

The Elevator design is based on the 'Archimedes Screw' concept: the fish are delivered from the water level (lower side) and elevated with the aid of the sleeved, rotating screw. Upon reaching the desired height, determined by the length and the mounting angle, they are fed through an adjustable, directional outlet, at the upper end.

Mounting and Positioning
The Elevator can be mounted on a variety of chassis, adapted to customer needs:
a) Direct, fixed mount on any type of floor – 'factory based';
b) Fixed mount on a fishing raft;
c) Mobile: wheeled and towed; etc.

The positioning is determined according to the environment: when used in direct elevating mode from a pond, for example – it should be placed close to the pond rim. The leveling is enabled and assisted with a hydraulic system of an array of pistons, powered with a hydraulic power electrically driven pumps (PSU).

Model Definitions
The Elevators can be ordered in a variety of model configurations, according to their use:
a) Stationary (fixed) or towed;
b) Choice of sizes (screw lengths);
c) Choice of structural materials: SAE 304, SAE 316 or St 37 (SAE A570);
d) Choice of screw material: SAE 304, SAE 316.
Mounting chassis are chosen according to the intended use.

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