- 4-Tray Vertical Salmon Egg Incubator


This MariSource vertical incubator is ideal for small quantity applications such as educational or laboratory environments. This system is designed for salmon, but we also offer a 4-tray system for trout. The trays hold up to 10,000 each, for a total of 40,000 in this 4-tray system. The cabinet is constructed of a one-piece welded aluminum frame for stackability, corrosion resistance and a long life. Interior components are molded of plastic for corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning and disinfection prior to each use. Materials will neither rust nor attack eggs chemically. All incubation components will float. MariSource incubation units are delivered fully assembled with screening material specified by the hatchery for the desired species.

  • Number of Trays: 4
  • Species: Salmon
  • Screen Capacity: 40000
  • Abmessungen (H * B * T): 17.25*23.75*25

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