Markit Pricing Data


Markit Pricing Data provides you with visibility on market pricing levels for US securitised products on a daily basis, to help optimise your ability to verify prices and ensure alignment with the market.

Each individual price is delivered with the supporting methodology and assumptions used by the expert evaluators to validate the price further and provide transparency.

Key Benefits
  • Data integrity

    Multiple observable pricing sources driving the valuation process for greater accuracy, with sources including dealer-to-client axe runs, bid wanted in competition information and trade color

  • Sophisticated methodology

    Categorisation techniques and multi-scenario pricing processes across asset classes, with best-in-class models and data mirroring standards set by buyside and sellside firms

  • Transparency

    Detailed information related to observed inputs and key pricing assumptions used in the evaluation process

  • Dedicated support

    Immediate access and fast responses from Markit’s evaluator team, including fully documented price challenge process, to support same-day pricing requirements

  • Distribution

    Delivery via SFTP files, Markit Portfolio Valuations or the Markit Desktop

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