- Model EAC - Pre Grain Cleaners



EACs remove lightweight products and separate broken kernels and large-size waste from the good grain. These operations are carried out by double-acting suction followed by a rotating drum. The raw product is spread out in a uniform layer and a current of air blows through it. The proportion of lightweight products driven off is altered by adjusting the suction power. The heaviest particles settle in the holding chamber and are extracted by a screw. Lightweight particles are expelled (V) by suction. A direct output P enables the work to be stopped there if desired. The grain then flows into a rotating drum with interchangeable grids. The first of these remove broken kernels and those following let the good grain pass through. The largest elements exit from the bottom of the drum. The succession of grids with different perforations make these devices remarkably useful for all types of grain, at flow rates from 5 to 400 tonnes/hour.

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