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- Mars II 400w LED Grow Light

Mars II is a powerful LED light in today’s market with a new 5 Watt-single chip. Intensive penetration is one of the main advantages of Mars II LED grow light. We have integrated quiet fan into the lights to lower the temperature of them. Non-dimmable and Non-switchable, but we make it full spectrum, which makes the light help veg as well as bloom. If you grow vegetable and flowering stage separately, you may choose our flower or vegetable spectrum, which is focus on each stage. This series is better for big room grow.

Technical Specification
LED Output Power:80pcs*5watt
Draw Power:170W~200W
Amps:110V/1.8A, 220V/0.88A
Dimension:340x340x90mm(13.4*13.4*3.5 in)
View Angle of leds:90°/120°
Lifespan:50, 000-100, 000 hours
Coverage:3'x3' Standard
Spectrum:430~440nm, 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, IR, and white
flower spectrum:red, white and infared
Vege Spectrum:blue and white
Plug Type:AU, USA, Japan, EU, UK, Swiss,etc.
Warehouse:USA, AU, UK
  • 5W single chip high brightness, light is stronger, can replace mh/HPS system.
  • The full spectrum output ranges from 365nm to 750nm.
  • Installed in superior pure aluminum heat sink and double ball bearing cooling fan, which can provide a great dissipation condition.
  • Daisy Chain function.
  • It is much easier to use, plug and play. And we are using standard parts, it means you can use the parts to install on all four models.
  • We are using isolating power supply, it is much safer and higher quality.
  • LED wavelengths can be specified by the customer, we recommend using the 620-630nm and 640-660nm for red light, 450-460nm and 460-470nm for blue light. Red light is used to promote plant germination, flowering; blue light is used to promote plant growth. You can choose a more suitable wavelength and color scale for plant growth.
  • The proportion of different lights can be specified by the customer. We recommend the ratio (red: blue) 8:1 or 7:2, or ratio(red, blue, orange) 7:1:1, with mixed light to the plants.
Recommended Applications
  • Hobby/indoor gardening, hydroponics or soil based plants
  • Sowing / Seedling / Breeding,Farm / Flower Exhibition / Garden / spray planted etc. ideal for all phases of plant growth
  • Commercial horticulture
  • Research greenhouses
  • Controlled environments agriculture
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