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- Reflector LED Grow Light 48x3w

The design of Reflector series covers wide areas to save more energy. Unique design to reflect 100% of the lumen outputs, improving brightness by 10%-20% while the yields can be increased by 10%-20%. The exact wavelength helps sufficient for photosynthesis. Switchable design and vegetable switch are for vegetable stage. During flowering stage, turn both vegetable and bloom switch on. This series is better for grow tent room grow.

Technical specification

LED Output Power:48*3watt

Draw Power:80-100W

Amps:110V/0.87A, 220V/0.42A

Dimension:292x264x50mm(11.5*10.4*2 in)


View Angle of leds:90°/120°

Lifespan:50, 000-100, 000 hours


Coverage:2.2'x2.2' Standard

Spectrum:430~440nm, 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, IR, and white

Plug Type:AU, USA, Japan, EU, UK, Swiss, etc.

Warehouse:USA ,AU ,UK.



  • Switches control bloom and vegetable stage separately, save more energy and efficiency.
  • Reflector design provide 100% lumens output
  • The full spectrum output ranges from 365nm to 750nm.


Recommended Applications

  • Hobby/indoor gardening, hydroponics or soil based plants
  • Sowing / Seedling / Breeding,Farm / Flower Exhibition / Garden / spray planted etc. ideal for all phases of plant growth
  • Commercial horticulture
  • Research greenhouses
  • Controlled environments agriculture


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