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Massey Ferguson - Model 3900 Series - Wheel Rakes 17.1 - 35 Raking Width


40 strong teeth per wheel for cleaner fields and a longer life. 3900 Series Bi-Fold and High-Capacity Wheel Rakes. For big acreage, MF3900 Series bi-fold wheel rakes can cover a lot of ground quickly. Spring-loaded wheels/independent pivoting arm means you pick up hay like never before. Get exact windrow widths with hydraulic fold wings. Single hydraulic cylinder lifts each side so you're on the move faster than ever.

3900 Series Bi-Fold

  • Both manual and hydraulic-fold designs are available in 8-, 12- and 16-wheel configurations to match any operation. 
  • 55' diameter rake wheels sweep fields clean, thanks to the 3900's ground-hugging flotation design.
  • Each model features a center cart that supports two rake wings with the option of a kicker wheel mounted in the center. 
  • A hydraulic cylinder on each side of the rake lifts the rake wheels, while windrow width settings are modified with a ratchet-type adjustable jack.
  • One side of the rake can even be pinned up for raking single windrows or windrow turning.

3900 Series High-Capacity Wheel Rakes

  • Available in a choice of 12-, 14- and 18-wheel configurations for true, big-acreage performance. 
  • Rugged reliability starts with a sturdy mainframe for extra strength, full-size gauge wheels, and 55-inch rake wheels that are mounted on the inboard side of the frame to eliminate any restrictions that could impede the continuous flow of high volume hay.
  • A high, overhead frame at the rear further contributes to clean, unhindered crop flow.
  • Select from up to 22 raking positions on each model, as well as a wide selection of windrow widths to match harvesting capacity and baler or harvester pickup width.  
  • Each rake wheel has its own flotation spring, so it floats independently to follow the terrain, yet all wheels on the wing raise simultaneously for quick transport.

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