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- Model 500 Series - Commercial Automatic Break-down of Componants


440 litre tank and legs to fit factory pre drilled holes. 3 x 12 volt Pumping System , no tip changes required, can opt for extra high output system. Star-Wheel Moisture Metering, accurate to within 1% moisture to measure moisture change  application. Proximity Speed Sensors, to measure baling speed application. 474A Hay Indicator Crop-Eyes, Auto On/Off when no crop over pick-up of baler.. Touch Screen in-cab Control Box, unless Moisture only, which will then interface into C1000 Baler Control Monitor. Calibration of Automatic Applicators is carried out by programming length and weight of bale, the applicator matches litres per tonne to moisture and bale speed changes, and will apply within 0.1 litre per tonne.

300 Job Record Store of 30,000 bales, will record not only field record, but all individual bale records, which is down loadable onto an Excel Spreadsheet. (Recorded is: Bale Identification Number/Field Name/Litres Applied/Individual Bale Weight or Total Tonnes Baled/Average Moisture/Highest Moisture/ If add the optional GPS Yield Mapping will record Latitude & Longitude where the string was tied
Tagger optional: Will individually tag every bale and send all data as above to the tag through a radio frequency and with our reader that is either hand held or loader mounted will record and identify all the bale information, see Tagger Page
Dye Sprayer optional, wet bale management to mark wet bales with a food grade dye when the alarm moisture is reached
GPS Yield Mapping optional, we can supply a Garmin receiver to interface with, will yield map as a combine yield maps grain, Latitude and Longitude recorded of each bale in the job records, for ultimate traceability, job records and yield mapping fully down-loadable

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