- Model 7600 and 7614 - Wheeled Tractor


The new MF 7600 Series is built around our trademark standards of award-winning, innovative and advanced engineering. But that’s only the beginning...Understated and yet probably the single most important part of any Massey Ferguson tractor is its driveline. Every component of the chassis boasts immense strength, a major factor in the tractor’s overall performance. This longstanding design provides versatility, power, durability and outstanding capability.

  • The Massey Ferguson driveline: strong, reliable and dependable, the driveline ensures low power
  • absorption giving great efficiency and excellent fuel savings
  • The Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmission concept originates from The 'Dynashift' transmission
  • launched in 1991. It continues to be constantly refined year after year
  • Dyna-VT Continuously Variable Transmission continues to be one of the most popular transmissions
  • offering maximum productivity, efficiency and operator comfort
  • 20,000 transmission/rear axle units are built every year, that's millions of hours worked
  • Integrated front linkage system (IFLS) available with high lift capacity of up to 4,000 kg, with
  • optional PTO available, allowing you to attach front and rear implements to further boost productivity
  • Refined power comes from the AGCO SISU Power engine with 2nd generation, e3 SCR technology
  • Immense rear lift capacity of up to 9,300 kg for tough, heavy-duty applications

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