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Massey Ferguson - Model CB15 - Compact Tractor Backhoe


We made it smaller. But that's the only thing we cut back on. Our Quick Attach System lets you mount your backhoe to the tractor sub-frame in minutes. Joystick control levers for easy control of whatever and wherever you have to dig. Standard bucket sizes from 10 to 37 inches give you all the flexibility you need. Digging depths from 78 - 123.5 inches (1,981 - 3,137 millimeter) combined with multiple bucket options provide outstanding versatility. Dual swing cylinders are 2.5 - three inches (64 - 76 millimeters) in diameter and 16.75 inches (425 millimeters) long to produce the generous 180-degree boomswing of every MF backhoe.

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