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FUEL ECONOMY and VERSATILITY are important factors when you try to get the best return on investment in your tractor. Front 3-point systems can be a major component in improving tractor productivity. Combining passes, improved ballast characteristics, quick attaching tanks and dozer blades are examples of how front hitch technology can significantly improve the productivity of your tractor. Farming conditions change rapidly and we know that our customers need versatile and adaptable equipment solutions to stay ahead.

But not all front 3-point systems are alike. More than 30 years of experience with heavy-duty front 3-point systems has made LAFORGE a world leader in this field. Lift capacity is not the only criteria you need to pay attention to when pushing an implement.

The HDS hitch is designed for the most demanding applications where you don’t just have to be able to lift an implement, but also be able to push it without damaging the tractor. To accomplish this, the system includes a heavy-duty frame that wraps around the front end of the tractor and a Pushbar structure connecting the hitch to the rear end.

The hitch itself is extremely rugged and reliable. Except for the lift cylinders, there is only one moving part. And the narrow design allows for full steering angle even if the tractor tread width is set for narrow rows.

HDS is also an approved system for attaching a dozer blade. The under-frame clearance and compactness give unsurpassed blade performance.

HDS is a MODULAR hitch design. A complete hitch system will include two, three or four modules;

  • The hitch module is the mechanism with the cylinders, lower links, center link, etc.. It's identical regardless of tractor model.
  • The tractor module is a sturdy frame, computer designed for each individual tractor model. It reinforces the tractor body and serves as a support for the hitch module, as well as for an optional LAFORGE PTO.
  • The pushbar module connects the hitch module to the rear end of the tractor. It prevents excessive stress on the tractor frame and the engine block.
  • A front PTO module is optional and available for many tractor models. It does require access to the front of the crank-shaft and is thus not possible on tractors with a front mounted hydraulic pump for example. Check with LAFORGE for availability on specific tractor models

  • Class : Modular
  • Category : Cat_2/Cat_3N
  • Compatible With
  • Laforge PTO : Yes for most tractors
  • Factory PTO : No
  • Factory Loader : No
  • Quick Attach System : hook-and-ball
  • Rated Lift Capacity : 5500 Kg/12100 LBS
  • Iso Lift Capacity : 3670 Kg/8100 LBS
  • Lift Range : 720 mm/28.3 inch
  • Independent Floating Lower Links : No

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