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- Model MF Beta - Combine Harvesters


With low operating costs, excellent fuel economy and simple servicing, the MF Beta range and ParaLevel versions are ideal for mid- to large farms. These combine harvesters offer straightforward, practical design with a mix of technology and functional features that are simple to work with in the field, where time is of the essence.


The MF Beta combine range now comes with our superb new stylish Skyline cab, giving the driver more space, more comfort and industry leading new controls and terminal.

The panoramic view and ergonomically placed controls makes the workload easier and more productive. Intuitive menus on the new TechTouch terminal provide information at a moment’s notice and active warning systems protect your investment.

The cab comes with a host of features you would expect in an operator environment of this quality.

• New Powergrip controller with pulse movement
• New Techtouch terminal
• Fully automatic air conditioning including heating
• High spec air suspension seat
• Electrically adjustable heated mirrors
• Instructor seat with cooler and storage box
• Excellent sound insulation including special sound absorbing glass means you work in quiet comfort
• New two part mirrors for selected visibility
• New safe and easy to use cab steps!
• H9 working lights for daytime during night time

Operator Controls

The new TechTouch terminal is the central manager for all key performance operations. Major functions are monitored and provide the operator with everything they need to know.

The Powergrip controller is the key to movement and control. The lever has a pulse action for speeding up and slowing forward speed, reverse is just a click away. Controls are positioned for ease and shaped for less fatigue.

The membrane keypad is located directly on the right side of the armrest and is used to operate the auxiliary combine functions like the rape knives and the sieves. The soft, raised keys lead directly to the individual menus on the TechTouch terminal.

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