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Massey Ferguson - Model RK Series - Rotary Rakes


The RK Series rotary rakes' high-capacity design sweeps hay or forage into a tidy windrow without gathering dirt, debris or unwanted material. The seeping action maximizes leaf retention for higher quality hay. It used to be that if you needed high-capacity and wide raking widths, your only option was a wheel rake. Yet, rotary rakes have deservedly earned their reputation for well-formed, less-roped windrows that allow maximum air circulation and fast crop drying.

However, with the introduction of the Massey Ferguson RK Series rotary rakes, you can 'have your cake and eat it too'. Available in three models with crop gathering widths up to 27.5 feet, RK Series rakes feature gentle crop handling and the capacity that operators of big balers and self-propelled forage harvesters demand for harvester efficiency.

By gently sweeping the crop, rather than rolling it to the center as a wheel rake does, RK Series rotary rakes maximize leaf retention and crop quality while building fluffier, faster-drying windrows. The sweeping action also reduces the potential for rocks, dirt and debris in the windrow for a cleaner raking job.

Twelve cam-action tine arms per rotor and a heavy-duty vinyl curtain provide easy adjustment of raking action and windrow width so you can build the perfect windrow in every situation. The model RK3855 even offers the choice of center and right side delivery (two swaths) or right side only (single swath).

  • An adjustable control cam provides optimum formation of swaths for follow-up balers or harvesters — without the use of tools.
  • Strong single-stage bevel gears and divided pinion shafts with three bearings each ensure a long service life.
  • The hydraulic lift system means rotors don't need to be switched off at the end of the field.
  • The heavy-duty frame and steering rear axle coupled with the flexing rotor heads, which are part of the RotorFlex™ suspension system, provide unmatched strength and flexibility.
  • The RotorFlex™ suspension features 'jet effect' lifting and lowering, which means the front lifts first and lowers last, to keep tines from diving into the ground.
  • Long tines feature smooth front surfaces for long life and smooth crop release, creating a clean, uniform windrow.
  • A fully enclosed gearbox on each rotor prevents contamination from dust, dirt and debris for maximum reliability. The helical-cut gears and sealed cam track are also permanently lubricated with grease, rather than oil, to prevent leakage and increase service life.

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