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Feed formulation for broiler with MASTER FORMULA= CEREAL (corn, wheat, etc.) + MASTER FORMULA.

There are three products under the MASTER FORMULA® Broiler Feed Concentrate headline

1-MASTER FORMULA® Broiler Initial Feed Concentrates:
It be used between 1-10 days.

2-MASTER FORMULA® Broiler Chick-Chicken Feed Concentrates:
It be used between 10-38 days.

3-MASTER FORMULA® Broiler- Before Slaughter Feed Concentrates:
It be used between 38- before slaughter

The premix protein concentrate that was prepared according to the animal nutrient requirement and type of available raw materials.

MASTER FORMULA® Broiler feed concentrate nutritional values; calculated and prepared to fulfil the animal requirements according to its breed and its age period. Mentioned feed as a mixed feed, include high protein and low energy and dont be used alone; before feeding animals it needs to be mixed with cereal varieties homogeneously.

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