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- Model MF3-mp - Irrigators with Pump



Turbine drive, the patented 'Turbimec' system, interchangeable for flows of 10 to 130 m³/hr.  Structure shot-blasted just before the application of an epoxy anticorrosive primer. A top coat of polyurethane paint with a low content of solvents is applied before being treated in the oven for a super finish. Model with hot galvanised ground support platform, giving 360° turntable rotation.  Polyethelene hose PE 80.  Hydraulic system which operates the support legs, jack, wheels, turntable rotation and lifts up the trolley. Twin main gear wind-in system.


- Motor IVECO F32 MNSA.01 83 HP with Caprari pump MEC MG 80/A

- Three wheel trolley, symmetric, fixed body with weights
Standard sprinkler with nozzles
4 metre rubber supply hose complete with couplers
Pressure gauge in glycerine bath and gauge cock
Tachometer showing pull-in speed
Crank for winding in hose
Larger wheels 400 x 15.5
Operator's manual and spare parts list


Sime RANGER with nozzles and threaded terminal adaptor
Sime EXPLORER raingun with nozzles & flanged adaptor
KONKORD 27°-15° w/nozzles & threaded terminal adaptor
Sime KRONOS (v.a.) raingun w/nozzles & flanged adaptor
Komet TWIN 140 Plus raingun with nozzles
Komet TWIN 160 Pro raingun with nozzles
Komet TWIN 202 Pro raingun with nozzles
Komet TWIN 140 Plus V.A. raingun with nozzles
Komet TWIN 160 Pro V.A. raingun with nozzles
Komet TWIN 202 Pro V.A. raingun with nozzles
Sime DUPLEX gun & nozzles with horizontal jet for low level trolley
Nozzles RANGER e KONKORD diam. from 18 to 36 mm
Nozzles EXPLORER e KRONOS diam. from 22 to 50 mm
Nozzles TWIN 140 Plus diam. from 16 to 30 mm
Nozzles TWIN 160 Plus 20 to 35 mm-TWIN 202 Plus 20 to 40
60 cm threaded extension, for maize, c/w nuts, bolts & gaskets
Automatic shut-off valve for low pressure 2”1/2
Automatic shut-off valve for high pressure 3” T
Motor operated butterfly shut-off valve
Standard raingun trolley symmetric - fixed body - medium flow
Trolley fixed body - high flow -w/weights for hoses 125 & 135
Kit to transfor trolley from 3 to 5 wheels - solid rubber tyres or steel wheels
Pneumatic trolley wheels in replacement to the standard ones - surch.
Kit to transform legs on the trolley, adjustable up to m. 3,20
Ballast (2) kit
Low level irrigation trolley with gate valves for two sprinklers
150 cm flanged extension kit
200 cm flanged extension kit
2 gate valves mounted on raingun main frame
Manual height adjustment jack on trolley legs
Engine NEF N45 MSTD 20.50 - 127 HP with Caprari pump
MEC MG 100/2 instead of the standard one
Variable flow pump for movement & winding instead of the turbine
Electronic multifunction kit with actuator, DOSIDIS A
Solar panel to Keep battery charged up
Special alternator for charging battery with separated regulator
12 V Battery
Warning, data logger & data transmission via GSM to remote station
Compressor 8000/9000 litres
Support arm with winch and hydraulic rotation
Electric priminp system
Suction kit diam. 120 with foot valve protection device
Suction kit diam. 150 with foot valve protection device
Movement kit independent from the tractor driven by the pumping unit

Ø PET (mm): 90
Length PET (mt.): 460

Ø PET (mm): 100
Length PET (mt.): 450 - 470 - 530 - 630 

Ø PET (mm): 110
Length PET (mt.): 350 - 400 - 420 - 440 - 500 - 550 - 600 

Ø PET (mm): 120
Length PET (mt.): 400 - 470 

Ø PET (mm): 125
Length PET (mt.): 350 - 370 - 420 - 450

Ø PET (mm): 135
Length PET (mt.): 350 - 380 

Manual of use

Spare part list

Dimension and weight

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